Graded browser support: the ultimate method

Firstly you need to choose which browsers you will be supporting. As a general guideline, you should always support the big 3: Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. If you are diligent and would like to do it thoroughly you will have to add the perpetual runner-ups—Opera and Safari—to the equation. That's the easy part.
Now you have to select which versions of these you should support. There are 3 grades:

  • Base is plain and simple what you should start with: if it doesn't work flawlessly or degrades poorly in these you are not on the right track.
  • Minimal represents the …
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My First Webkit Bug

Sadly WebKit isn't exempt of redrawing bugs. I have discovered one while doing my website and never actually had the time—until now—to document it.
I am providing a test case which demonstrates it.
Anyone knows if a bug had already been filled for it?

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